Volunteer Positions

The United States of America is known as a volunteer society. The annual dollar amount of private charity is astronomical, and the number of hours spent by Americans in volunteer activities is incalculable.

Physicians donate their services, lawyers represent indigent clients pro bono, retirees visit nursing homes, scouts clean up neighborhoods—and so it goes throughout the country.

Several years ago ISAR solicited volunteers to assist us in our animal rights activities, and we repeat that request now.

ISAR volunteers in their own neighborhoods and states—acting as ISAR’s eyes, ears, and often our voice—perform many functions. Among other activities, they distribute ISAR Reports, attempt to have elected officials introduce ISAR-drafted legislation, write ISAR-generated letters-to-the-editor, introduce ISAR’s public service announcements to radio and television stations, organize ISAR’s annual International Homeless Animals Day vigils, and generate interest in ISAR’s highway billboards. And more.

Individuals interested in becoming ISAR volunteers need only review the volunteer options listed below, choose their areas of interest, and contact us.


Susan Dapsis, President

Current Volunteer Positions