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ISAR Volunteers as Active Promoters of Legislative Education

i January 3, 2015

ISAR has worked extensively on developing model legislation aimed at reducing the overpopulation of companion animals.

The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States gives the states (and thus political subdivisions like counties, cities, towns, and villages) the power to enact virtually any laws they wish that are reasonably related to the public health, safety, welfare and morals, unless such laws violate federal or state constitutional rights. Clearly, for example, appropriate companion animal population reduction legislation is reasonably related to the public health, safety and welfare—and, for that matter, morals.

Animal rights/welfare activists have experienced for years the difficulties encountered in attempting to get pro-animal legislation introduced, let alone enacted, at every level of government.

Today, however, those problems have been considerably ameliorated thanks to a recently published book.

Julie E. Lewin (National Institute for Animal Advocacy, Guilford, CT) has written a book that can significantly alter the prognosis for animal legislation in the United States. Its complete title and subtitles are: Get Political for Animals [GPFA] and Win the Laws they Need; Why and how to launch a voting bloc for animals in your town, city, county or state; A step-by-step manual for animal rights and rescue advocates and organizations. (For Table of Contents, click HERE.)

More animal protective laws need to be introduced. Thanks to Ms. Lewin and the National Institute for Animal Advocacy, many of them now stand a better chance of being enacted.

By purchasing GPFA, mastering its lessons, and using its techniques, ISAR volunteers can play a significant role in educating legislators throughout the country about the importance of animal protection legislation. (To purchase a copy of Ms. Lewin’s book, please visit www.nifaa.org.)

ISAR volunteers, and others, can obtain free of charge our Model Animal Protection Statutes at our website.



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