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ISAR Volunteers as Recruiters for Billboard Placements

i January 23, 2015

Spay and Neuter Billboard Campaign

ISAR seeks volunteers to recruit organizations (or even individuals) who are willing to sponsor spay/neuter billboards.

As displayed in a sample above, the Billboards measure a standard 10’5″x 22’8″ and are printed in full color. There is space where the sponsoring organization’s name and phone number will be imprinted.

The cost to an organization is $125.00. This price includes shipping within the continental United States.

Those placing a billboard order are responsible for its installation.

Many outdoor advertising agencies are willing to donate space or offer discounts to non-profit organizations. Interested organizations should contact their local outdoor advertising firm for information on the availability of public service announcement space and the cost of labor for posting the artwork panels.

Please visit ISAR’s Billboard page to view all available designs.

ISAR is now accepting billboard orders year-round.

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