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ISAR Volunteers as Distributors of Humane Educational Materials

i January 23, 2015

ISAR volunteers can reproduce and distribute our humane educational materials. The following Reports are available free of charge on our website.

A Prime Source of Canine Overpopulation: The American Kennel Club

Solving Animal Behavioral Problems

Dog and Cat Overpopulation

Dog and Cat Overpopulation and Juvenile Spay/Neuter

High-Volume, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics

Pet Identification and Overpopulation

Pet Overpopulation Study

Dog and Cat Survey

Organizing a Spay/Neuter Mobile

Dog Overpopulation and Puppy Mills

These Reports may be distributed at such places as obedience schools, shelters/humane societies, community events, veterinarians’ offices, groomers’ offices, schools, libraries, malls and other places where reading material is made available to the public.

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