Vick Scores Yet Again

i August 18, 2009

The cleverly orchestrated charade about whether criminal dog abuser Michael Vick would be reinstated in the National Football League, and once he was whether some team would employ him, has finally played out. Last week, the felon Vick was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Nationally, ISAR had taken the anti-Vick lead by obtaining numerous signatures in our petition campaign in support of our effort to deny Vick economic and other benefits which he might enjoy as a result of the “celebrity” he acquired from his criminal acts.

To this day, ISAR continues collecting many signatures from supporters.

When in May 2009, ISAR received an e-bulletin from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) stating that it was going to “provide an opportunity for Michael Vick to get involved in some of their anti-dogfighting outreach programs.” ISAR immediately sent not one letter, but two letters to HSUS President Wayne Pacelle questioning the humane society’s latest move to paper over what Vick had done.

When it became apparent to ISAR that Vick and his handlers were engaged in a sophisticated campaign to have him reinstated and re-employed in the NFL, we wrote to league Commissioner Goodell registering in the strongest terms our disapproval.

Lest any of ISAR’s supporters, let alone Vick, think that we’re finished with him, here’s what happens next.

ISAR is putting together a program to use our billboard campaign to keep after Vick by continuing to remind the football-going public about the horrendous crimes he committed in abusing pit bulls and other dogs.

Because our plans are in the formative stage we need to keep them close to the vest, so we can’t say much yet.

But what we can tell you is that we are going to use billboards to carry the anti-Vick message, and that those billboards will be as close to the Philadelphia Eagles’ stadium as we can afford to place them.

Which brings us to the ever-sensitive subject of money.

Designing, printing, installing and paying for billboard rental is costly. ISAR can bear some of the expenses, but we surely can use some help.

Please donate to ISAR’s anti-Michael Vick billboard campaign. Even as little as a $10.00 contribution will help, and if you request that we use your contribution for only billboards we’ll be happy to oblige.

We must continue to get out the word about this monster, who fakes contrition and remorse to get himself back on the NFL gravy train.

Please help ISAR–in public, and in his face–keep fighting Michael Vick!!