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ISAR’s Animal Law SEEDS spread to “Down Under.”
Note footnote 4. Ms. Frasch is coauthor of an English-language casebook on animal law, which contains the landmark case of ISAR’s chairman, professor Henry Mark Holzer, Jones v. Butz.

Michigan State University College of Law has a comprehensive repository of information about animal law at the Animal Legal and Historical Center website.

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In 1991 ISAR sponsored the first major symposium in the United States to address the problem of domestic dog and cat overpopulation: “Killing the Crisis, Not the Animals: An International Symposium on Dog and Cat Overpopulation.”

Among other speakers was the Honorable Maneka Gandhi, Honorable Union Cabinet Minister of India.  She was later quoted as saying “By attending ISAR’s International Symposium on Dog and Cat Overpopulation I learned a great deal and ISAR probably changed all of India as a result.” (Our emphasis)

Another Animal Law seed was planted by ISAR. See what it has blossomed into.

The international momentum for Animal Law continues to flourish as a major result of the “First National Conference on Animal Rights Law,” organized and sponsored by ISAR and its long-time chairman, Professor Henry Mark Holzer in 1981.

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The seeds that ISAR’s chairman, Professor Henry Mark Holzer and ISAR planted over three decades ago continue to flourish as the emerging field of Animal Law continues to rapidly develop in both academia and in legal practice. You can read more at: