Veterinarian/Behaviorist Non-Devocalization Support and Pledge

As noted below, I am a licensed veterinarian/behaviorist.  I have read International Society for Animal Right’s Model Statute Restricting Devocalization.I support enactment of that statute, and pledge not to perform a devocalization procedure except under the circumstances described therein.  I understand that my name will not be made available publicly without my express consent, and that my support for ISAR’s statute and pledge shall be used only to publicize how many veterinarians/behaviorists in each state are in accord with ISAR’s program.

1 ISAR’s proposed Model Statute Restricting Devocalization draws almost entirely on the Massachusetts law.  For comparison purposes, ISAR’s additions appear in bold face.  Note that the form of legislation varies on different levels of government, federal, state, municipal, local.  ISAR’s proposed Model Statute is drafted for the state level.  With appropriate adjustments, the statute can be used at any other level of government.

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