Suggested Letter-to-the-Editor and Others

ISAR believes that while Letters-to-the-Editor of newspapers and magazines, and to blog-writers on the Internet, won’t necessarily change opinions, Letters have value by publicizing important public policy issues. Such as devocalization.

Although we encourage writers to express themselves in their own words, here are some useful hints.

They should be short and to the point.

They should be spelled correctly and grammatical.

They should be polite.

They should, ideally, be from someone with credentials. For example, a shelter director, veterinarian, officer of a humane society, whose title should appear under the writer’s name.

As to devocalization in particular, Letters should explain why the writer is writing. For example, a shelter director explaining that devocalized dogs and cats are harder to place. A clergyman could explain that abusing animals is immoral.

Writers can incorporate some, but not too much, of the material that ISAR makes available on this website, and incorporate into their Letter the ISAR’s URL:

The same principles that apply to Letters-to-the-Editor should be applied when writing to others.  For example, local, state or national Veterinary Medical Associations.

When writing to them, you should not bother explaining what devocalization is.  They know.

You can make the point that there is a growing movement throughout the United States to ban the procedure, with a very limited exception for medical necessity.  Also, that the procedure is banned in many other countries, particularly western ones.

You can add that there is a moral dimension, too.

And finally, ask that the board put before its membership the question of whether the association should support statutes which ban devocalization–rather than letting the board alone make the important policy decision.