Harming Companion Animals: Liability and Damages (Second Edition)

Both editions of “Harming Companion Animals: Liability and Damages have been written for the benefit of the layperson whose companion animal has been harmed by negligent or intentional conduct (or, occasionally, by a breach of contract).

Accordingly, the monographs have kept the legal jargon to a minimum, mostly expressing legal concepts in lay terms (except when using quotes from actual court decisions).

“Harming Companion Animals: Liability and Damages” does not deal with criminal conduct because the monograph is intended to arm the layperson in dealing with the civil consequences of negligent and intentional acts. There are currently laws in every state criminalizing illegal behavior toward animals in general and companion animals in particular.

The Policy, Law and Morality of Mandatory Spay/Neuter

It is estimated that approximately seventy thousand puppies and kittens are born in the United States every day. Many are born into households whose members cannot provide for them, or mistakenly believe they can but later learn otherwise and then relinquish the animals.

In good conscience, this country can no longer countenance the abhorrent cyclical spectacle of endless companion animal birth and death, turning blind eyes and deaf ears to the silent cries of those who did not ask to be born, let alone ask to die.

Mandatory spay/neuter may not be the only solution, but it is one solution—and it must be given a chance. And now! Our monograph is a brief in support of our Model Statute.

The Regulation of Dog Breeding, Facilitation and Sales 

At this very moment, literally countless numbers of dogs, certainly hundreds of thousands, are held captive around the world in wretched conditions, while being used and abused as living breeding machines by conscienceless breeders, facilitators and commercial retail sales outlets whose only concern is for their own profit.

Because much of that abuse occurs in the United States, and because ISAR’s self-imposed mandate is the protection of animals, we have prepared a comprehensive monograph containing ISAR’s Model Statute Regulating Dog Breeding, Facilitation and Sales. Our monograph is a brief in support of our Model Statute.

ISAR’s Model Statute’s imposition of tough regulations on breeders, facilitators and commercial retail sales outlets is unapologetically draconian. This is our intention and our goal, because only in this manner can the dog and kitten’s trade’s participants’ appalling, and often illegal, conduct be regulated out of existence once and for all.

Prohibition of Retail Commercial Sale of Dogs and Cats

When ISAR promulgated our Dog Breeding, Facilitation and Sales Regulatory Statute we were well aware that it would be unpopular not only with dog breeders, facilitators and commercial retail sales outlets, aiders and abettors, and others complicit in the dog and cat trade, but also with other animal protection organizations.

Our expectation proved correct, doubtless because our Model Statute challenged the root premises of commercial production of dogs and cats, from their conception to retail sale.

Many individuals and organizations who should have known better, and from whom we expected more understanding and support, have opposed ISAR’s Model Statute. (The nature and quality of their objections lack consistency, let alone substance.)

On the other hand, some of ISAR’s supporters have argued for an outright ban on retail sales of dogs and cats, and have sought our help in making the argument in support of that goal.

Accordingly, this monograph and ISAR’s Model Prohibition of Retail Commercial Sale of Dogs and Cats Statute is a brief in support of that goal. (Throughout the Monograph, 12-point Times New Roman font has been used. (However, in order to highlight ISAR’s comments they appear in Courier font (in which this sentence is written).)


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