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Because ISAR’s founder and its long-time chairman, Professor Henry Mark Holzer, have for decades recognized and championed the teaching of Animal Law in American law schools, and because Animal Legal Defense Fund has pioneered such courses, ISAR has recently agreed to support them in an amount up to $100,000.

Unwilling to leave legal education of the next generations of Animal Law practitioners to law schools’ typical three-year curriculum, ISAR has provided scholarship support to the Lewis & Clark Law School’s LL.M program at its Center for Animal Law Studies. 

ISAR’s first scholarship—the International Society for Animal Rights/Helen Jones Memorial Scholarship—was awarded to Australian lawyer Tess Vickery. 

Upon completion of her LL.M degree, Ms. Vickery expressed her gratitude to ISAR by stating: 

It has been such a wonderful year. I have learned so much about the American animal law movement and have really enjoyed being a part of the animal law community here. It makes me excited to go back home and continue to help build the movement in Australia.  When I return to Australia, I plan to continue to provide assistance to a non-profit running consumer law cases against backyard breeders/puppy mills and being involved with my state bar committee on animal law.” 

Due to the success of the Helen Jones Memorial Scholarship, for the next academic year ISAR awarded the International Society for Animal Rights/Alice Herrington Memorial Scholarship, to Chilean lawyer Diego Plaza. 

Mr. Plaza completed his LL.M studies, graduated with honors, and received the Cornelius Honor Society award for academic excellence.

ISAR is proud to have played an important role in advancing Animal Law, and the interests of animals, through the legal systems of Australia and Chile. We look forward to providing such scholarships on a continuing basis.


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