Breeders May Court Disaster

In our blog of March 1, 2010, we wrote the following:

Earlier last week the Associated Press reported that various dog breeders in Pennsylvania have sued the PSPCA and an organization named Main Line Animal Rescue, claiming that the defendants violated the former’s “civil rights.” ISAR has not seen the complaint. However, putting aside whatever it alleges, there is an important point that needs to be made. By suing, the breeders have opened themselves, their employees, their operations, their premises, and their books and records to the legal “discovery” process. This means that the defendants will be able to require production of virtually everything in the breeders’ possession for examining and copying, to subpoena the breeders’ books and records, to request that the breeders admit or deny a host of factual statements the defendants have a right to propound, and to examine breeders and their employees orally under oath.

In short, by suing, the plaintiff breeders have made themselves “defendants” with regard to everything they do in their breeding of dogs. (SEE OUR MONOGRAPH)

What a gift to the humane movement!

ISAR’s lawyers will assist the defense in any way it can.


* * *