ISAR’s Stop Devocalization Now Video

i January 11, 2013

Recently, ISAR has brought to the attention of our supporters and others, the widespread cruel practice in the United States of surgically cutting the vocal cords of canines (and, less often, felines) known formally as ventriculocordectomy. Synonyms often include “debarking,” “devocalization,” “silencing,” “bark softening,” and “cutting the vocal chords.”

In 2012, ISAR launched it’s newly-created, one-stop, educational website aimed at exposing and prohibiting the barbaric practice of dog and cat devocalization, In addition to the creation of our new website, ISAR produced an Xtranormal video entitled, Silence is Not Golden, and drafted an exceptional and informative Model Statute entitled, ISAR’s Model Statute Restricting Devocalization.

Now, to continue our educational efforts against devocalization in 2013, ISAR is kicking off our Stop Devocalization Now project with our latest Youtube video. With this recent video, ISAR further solicits the help from our friends and supporters while encouraging them to help us spread the word against devocalization.

To view ISAR’s Stop Devocalization Now video, click on the image below or click on this link.

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Together we can accomplish great feats to help companion animals and one very simple way to do that is by keeping ISAR visible to the public eye.