i April 15, 2020

Since ISAR began acknowledging important work on Animal Law being done
throughout the world we’ve received many thanks from SEEDS award recipients.

Most recently, from Dr. Simon Brooman, Senior Lecturer in Animal Law at Liverpool
John Moores University. This is what he has said:

Apologies for my late acknowledgement of the award you gave me in January for my work in
Animal Law. It means a lot to know that people have noticed as it is still a very niche area over
here – and a battle to have kept it going for so long. However, this year 76 final year students
studied Animal Law with me and that is fantastic – and their work was impressive in areas such
as personhood, fur-farming, badger-culling and whaling. I am proud to have been able to change
so many lives (so they tell me) and to have opened their eyes to the possibility of better
treatment for all animals. In September 2019, I hosted the UK conference on Animal Law,
Ethics and Policy, a conference that I inaugurated in 2017. 140 delegates from all over the world
took part and a special edition of the Liverpool Law Review is underway for this year. A video
can be seen here:

Once again, many thanks, and keep up the vital role you are playing.

Additional information about ISAR’s SEEDS Awards can be found here.