ISAR vs. Michael Vick

i May 21, 2009

Upon dog fighting ring leader Michael Vick’s recent release from prison, ISAR received an e-bulletin from The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) stating that HSUS is going to “provide an opportunity for Michael Vick to get involved in some of their anti-dog fighting outreach programs.”

Lest anyone forget some of the details about dog-abuser Michael Vick’s brutal conduct, we all must remember that according to a United States government report Vick found dog fighting “funny to watch” and, proving that he is no better than a savage, actually threw family pets in the ring with pit bulls and watched the trained killers injure or kill the helpless dogs-so a witness told federal investigators during the dog fighting investigation that brought Vick down and deservedly sent him to prison. That’s the kind of reason ISAR has taken it upon ourselves to lead the fight against Vick profiting from the celebrity he acquired by being a savage abuser of dogs.

ISAR has since been circulating our petition “Don’t Let Michael Vick Benefit By Abusing Dogs”. Each time ISAR learns that Vick has, or is about to, benefit from his criminal “celebrity,” we’ll send our “Don’t Let Michael Vick Benefit By Abusing Dogs” Petition to everyone who’s trying to help him. We’ll also send an email to all Petition signers informing them that we’ve done it.

Vick’s sentence, a mere two years in prison, was insufficient punishment for his savage acts. ISAR’s Petition is a grass roots effort to further punish Vick for his abominable conduct, and we vow to keep after him even after he has faded from public view (and the sooner the better).

To deal with HSUS and their newfound relationship with notorious dog abuser Michael Vick, ISAR has first decided to contact HSUS President Wayne Pacelle with a letter questioning their latest move. You can read ISAR’s letter to Mr. Pacelle below.
Dear Wayne:

ISAR, along with many others in our movement, has received your “What’s next for Michael Vick” essay. You make a persuasive argument that Vick could, and I repeat could, be a force for good regarding the obscene practice of dog fighting. ISAR’s fear, however, and that of many of our colleagues in the animal protection movement, is that the allegedly repentant Michael Vick is actually the sociopath Michael Vick who is using HSUS to further his own professional and financial goals. Is Mr. Hyde still there, behind the façade of Dr. Jekyll?

You rightly raise the question of whether Vick is “serious,” and assure the animal protection movement that HSUS will “soon find out,” but you do not explain how.

Frankly, ISAR is dubious. We don’t believe that given Vick’s criminal conduct, and the lack of information (let alone evidence) to explain his apparently Leavenworth-induced epiphany, the dog abuser has suddenly become the dog lover.

Accordingly, ISAR will watch HSUS while you watch Vick.

While we hope you’re correct, ISAR will continue our petition drive seeking to prevent Vick from benefiting from the celebrity he acquired through abusing and killing animals. Just in case, and until Vick conclusively, through obvious and meaningful conduct over the long term, earns his way back from the sewer which he inhabited before his incarceration.

Susan Dapsis