ISAR Summer 2018 Newsletter

i June 15, 2018

President’s Message

Dear Friends,

In ISAR’s Spring 2018 Newsletter we announced the International Society for Animal Rights/Helen Jones Memorial Scholarship in partnership with the Center for Animal Law Studies at Lewis & Clark Law School. We stated that in furtherance of the vision of ISAR’s founder, the late Helen Jones, and ISAR’s dedication to seek justice for companion animals by attacking the overpopulation scourge, we are proud to offer this full-tuition LL.M. scholarship that offers a foreign attorney the opportunity to earn the world’s only advanced degree in animal law.

ISAR is now pleased to announce that the scholarship has been awarded to Attorney Tess Vickery. Ms. Vickery is a very accomplished woman, and ideal candidate for Lewis & Clark Law School’s LL.M. degree in Animal Law. Her CV can be viewed on ISAR’s website at

Seeds of Animal Law Continue to Flourish

As “the first animal rights lawyer,” in the United States some forty years ago, ISAR’s long-time chairman, Professor Henry Mark Holzer first articulated his vision of using the law on behalf of animals at the “First National Conference on Animal Rights Law,” organized and sponsored by ISAR and Professor Holzer in 1981.

As a direct result of the conference, the attending lawyers formed a loose network and identified the tools necessary to create an entirely new, discrete field of law—one which would take its deserved place among other long-recognized practice areas such as corporate law, property law, criminal law and many others.

Over the past three decades, Professor Holzer’s vision has been almost fully realized.

The seeds that ISAR and Professor Henry Mark Holzer planted have grown.

For example, recently, the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law hosted a Global Animal Law Conference which included lawyers from 17 countries, representing over 20 universities, to learn how the different legal systems of the world are dealing with animal issues in their respective countries. The conference provided an opportunity to exchange ideas and information to support future legal developments which will enhance the status of animals around the world.

The South Texas College of Law Houston launched Texas’ first and only Animal Law Clinic that serves as a resource for students, professors, attorneys, organizations, media, and individual clients on animal rights law and advocacy.

ISAR is proud of how its seeds have flourished. From time to time we let our supporters know what new flowers have sprouted in today’s jurisprudentially recognized field of Animal Law. Please visit our website often to read more about the flourishing seeds of animal law.

Please Join ISAR In Making International Homeless Animals’ Day® (IHAD®) 2018
A Huge Success!

Beginning in 1992, ISAR’s International Homeless Animals’ Day has been the first and only worldwide event focusing on the dog and cat overpopulation problem and urgent need for spay/neuter and adoption programs.

Be a part of something special and join ISAR for our 27th annual International Homeless Animals’ Day, which will be commemorated on Saturday, August 18. We encourage animal advocates from around the globe to join together with us to shed light on the tragedy of pet overpopulation and the spay/neuter solution.

On International Homeless Animals’ Day, ISAR and others — animal protection organizations, humane societies, rescue groups, veterinary professionals, caring individuals, public officials, and animal-friendly businesses — throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada and abroad send the spay/neuter and adoption message.

For the past quarter-century ISAR’s International Homeless Animals’ Day has continued to gain momentum in the fight against dog and cat overpopulation with events in all 50 American states and the District of Columbia, and in over 50 countries on 6 continents.

ISAR can proudly claim that as a direct result of each annual International Homeless Animals’ Day, for the last 26-years…………..

• Thousands of dogs and cats have been spayed and neutered, thus preventing the birth of hundreds of thousands (or even more) of unwanted companion animals.

• Thousands of dollars have been raised to fund low-cost spay/neuter programs, consequently reducing the number of animals entering shelters.

• Countless shelter animals once homeless, have found permanent loving homes, thus reducing shelter euthanasia rates.

• ISAR’s proclamations urging citizens to spay and neuter their pets have been adopted and signed by U.S. Governors and Mayors, thereby acknowledging the companion animal overpopulation crisis and the pressing need for low-cost spay/neuter programs.

• Media coverage from newspapers, radio and television stations, along with numerous online resources has enlightened the public to the simple solution to the pet overpopulation crisis: spay/neuter.

There are a variety of ways individuals and/or their organizations can participate: Pet adoptions; educational events; candlelight vigils; blessing of the animals’ ceremonies; spay/neuter, microchip/vaccination clinics; award ceremonies; marches; speeches by public officials, celebrities, local veterinarians and humane workers.

IHAD save the date 2018

ISAR offers a free IHAD planning packet to anyone who wishes to coordinate an event, whether a large gathering or a modest observance. Our packet includes suggestions for site selection, reaching target audiences, speakers, press releases, colorful posters, ISAR’s proclamations and much more! Interest parties may request a free IHAD planning packet by contacting ISAR by mail, phone, fax or email.

All confirmed 2018 IHAD events will be promoted to thousands of people on ISAR’s website: as well as promotion on ISAR’s online communities such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Join people around the globe and help spread the word about ISAR’s important work on behalf of animals. We encourage everyone who’s interested in animals and their welfare to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or Instagram simply by clicking on the appropriate icons found at the bottom of ISAR’s Homepage,

As the seeds of animal rights continue to sprout all over the world, with your support, ISAR will remain steadfast in our mission to be an international force for animals, knowing that our efforts have a profound impact on the lives and welfare of animals worldwide.





Susan Dapsis
ISAR President