ISAR Seeks Twenty-First Century “Coast Watchers”

i August 3, 2009

During World War II, courageous Australians, American guerillas, and indigenous inhabitants of enemy-occupied South Pacific islands provided essential intelligence about the Japanese to General MacArthur’s forces as they fought their way across the ocean en route to the Philippines. They were the Twentieth Century “coast watchers.”

In order to launch an ambitious amicus curiae program (see ISAR’s Amicus Curiae Program), ISAR is seeking to recruit fifty lawyers—for much less hazardous duty.

We are asking one lawyer from each state to monitor the courts in his or her state for animal protection cases about to go up on appeal–cases which raise questions of law (not simple fact disputes). (Large states may have to be divided.)

Then, all ISAR’s “case watchers” have to do is send Professor Holzer a link to an appeal which might warrant the submission of an amicus brief. Please email the links here

Professor Holzer will screen the incoming information. If an amicus brief is warranted, ISAR will try to recruit a lawyer to work with Professor Holzer to prepare and file one—just as ISAR did with the recent Stevens case in the Supreme Court of the United States.

There are important animal protection cases in appellate courts around the country which are not being handled as effectively as they could be, and ISAR would like to rectify that situation. In this regard, see our recent blog about the Stevens case.

We know that most of the thousands of ISAR supporters who receive this blog are not lawyers, so we earnestly ask you to forward it to any lawyer you think might be interested in becoming, on behalf of the animals, a Twenty-First Century Case Watcher.