ISAR and “Animals Today” Radio Show

i April 3, 2009

Beginning on Sunday, February 8, 2009, ISAR became one of the inaugural sponsors of the new nationally-heard “Animals Today” radio program.

“Animals Today” is broadcast on Knews Radio, from California’s Coachella Valley, a station on which Dr. Laura and Sean Hannity, among others, can be heard.

Hosted by Dr. Lori Kirshner, founder of Southern California’s Desert PAWS Foundation, “Animals Today” addresses a variety of contemporary animal-related topics. Through Dr. Kirshner’s commentaries, interviews with experts, and responses to phone-ins, listeners are exposed to some of today’s most interesting and important issues relating to animals, both domestic and wild.

“Animals Today” is broadcast on Sundays from 2:00 to 4:00 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time. Future programs will feature interviews with experts from such organizations as Animal Legal and Historical Web Center, Bighorn Institute, Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center, Animal Legal Defense Fund. Dr. Kirshner’s guests will include lawyers, behaviorists, teachers, ornithologists, veterinarians, rescuers, judges, writers, and many others.

This Sunday’s 2:00-3:00 PM segment will feature veterinary orthopedic surgeon Dr. Peter Sebasteyn, who’ll discuss common orthopedic problems encountered in dogs. Also in the first segment, Dr. Lori will be speaking with Bob Vitere, President of the American Pet Products Association who’ll promote new products for your companion animal’s enjoyment. In the broadcast’s second hour, Dr. Kirshner will discuss the issue of rabbits as pets just in time for Easter.

During “Animals Today’s” popular segment with animal behaviorist Dr. Peter Borchelt, he’ll try to answer as many listener questions as possible. So if your parrot is peculiar, your cat is crying, or your hound is hyper-or if you have any other animal-behavior questions-either email Dr. Lori anytime, or call into the show at about 3:45 PM, Pacific Time. Email her at Knews Radio/Animals Today call in lines: Local: (760) 416-8475–Toll free: (888) 589-6397.

Thanks to current technology, “Animals Today” can be heard throughout the world by anyone with access to a computer because the Southern California radio station on which the program appears will “stream” it. Streaming means a radio broadcast can be heard on the Internet while simultaneously being broadcast over the airwaves.

Some previous broadcasts of “Animals Today,” are now archived at the show’s website: Along the left column, click “Listen to the show.” A new screen will appear showing the dates of previous shows. Then click the play button on the hour(s) you want to hear.

However, your computer must be Java “enabled,” meaning the Java program must be downloaded onto your computer in order to access archived broadcasts. If your computer is not already Java enabled, click the message displayed for instructions on how to do so.

To hear “Animals Today” over the Internet at 2:00-4:00 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time, turn on your computer and be sure the sound is at an acceptable level. Open your web browser (e.g., aol,Yahoo) and carefully type in the address bar, and then click to open that address. The Knews radio website will appear. On the top of the page, click “Listen Live.” A new box will appear and the program will begin at the appropriate time. (Listeners may be asked to register, but doing so is optional and registration is not necessary to hear the show.)

“Animals Today’s” toll-free call-in telephone number while the program is being broadcast is: 1-888-589-6397. (The station recommends calling from a land-based telephone rather than a cell phone.)

Through this Blog, ISAR will make available weekly broadcast schedules for “Animals Today.” To be kept informed, simply subscribe to ISAR’s blog by entering your email address in the subscription box on the right side of the page.

ISAR has become a sponsor of “Animals Today” because we believe that a serious nationwide (indeed, international) program addressing important contemporary animal issues has become a moral imperative.

We personally know the creators and hostess of this program, and we know their dedication to animals is profound. Thus, ISAR will do everything in our power to help “Animals Today” succeed, and we earnestly solicit the assistance of those of you who believe as we do.

Please forward this important announcement to as many individuals and lists as you can, asking the recipients to do the same.

A word to potential sponsors: Please note that advertising rates for “Animals Today” are very reasonable, given that the program can be heard by anyone having access to a computer. Interested parties should contact Peter Spiegel at (760) 285-4981 or

As a famous broadcaster said for many years, “See you on the radio.”