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ZoosThroughout the United States

Simulated abuse

Shooting feral cats.  

Celebrities who treated animals cruelly. 

Spay/Neuter postage stampsUnited Nations stamps and Worldwide stamps.

Abolish puppy mills, kitten factories, and virtually all breeding of dogs and cats.

Increase the penalties for abandonment, and thus street-breeding, of dogs and cats.

Create state and municipal Departments of Animal Affairs.

Promote mandatory juvenile and adult spay/neuter through laws and education.

Inform the public of ISAR’s programs through broadcast and other media.

Prohibit retail sales of dogs and cats.

Educate students about the causes and consequences of dog and cat overpopulation.
(Spring 2006; Page 6; Student Education)

Reduce state and federal taxes by allowing a deduction for spay/neuter expenses.

Originate and support new ideas for low-cost spay/neuter.

Subsidize billboard and other public media about overpopulation and spay/neuter.
(Summer 2014, Page 1 and 2)

Foster the continued success of Animal Today Radio through financial support.

Prevent animals adopted from shelters from reproducing.

Prohibit the possession of more dogs and cats than their custodian can care for properly.
(Page 32; 4th paragraph…”Municipalities have enacted ordinances dealing with the number of animals that can be owned…”)

Inform the public about the overpopulation problem, via Public Service Announcements.

Require the mandatory identification of dogs and cats, to prevent dumping the unwanted.

Substitute chemical dog and cat contraception, eventually replace spay/neuter.
(Page 8)

Explain the unworkable, but well-intentioned, “no-kill” overpopulation solution.

Incorporate in dictionaries and other research material the words “pet overpopulation.”
(Page 4)

International Homeless Animals’ Day. ®