International Society for Animal Rights/Helen Jones Memorial Scholarship Recipient Receives LL.M Degree in Animal Law

i May 15, 2019

In the Spring of 2018, ISAR was pleased to announce that Australian attorney, Tess Vickery, was awarded the International Society for Animal Rights/Helen Jones 2018-2019 Memorial Scholarship in partnership with the Center for Animal Law Studies at Lewis & Clark Law School. 

We stated that in furtherance of the vision of ISAR’s founder, the late Helen Jones, and ISAR’s dedication to seek justice for companion animals by attacking the overpopulation scourge, we were proud to offer this full-tuition LL.M. scholarship that offers a foreign attorney the opportunity to earn the world’s only advanced degree in animal law.

The International Society for Animal Rights/Helen Jones 2018-2019 Memorial Scholarship, was offered to a foreign attorney who demonstrated “a sincere commitment to addressing companion animal overpopulation, and the many issues that flow from overpopulation.”  A requirement of the scholarship is that the recipient must return to his or her home country to engage in full-time animal law-related work for at least one year. 

ISAR is now proud to announce that 2018-2019 scholarship recipient Attorney Tess Vickery has competed her LL.M studies at Lewis & Clark.

Ms. Vickery expressed her gratitude to ISAR stating: “It has been such a wonderful year. I have learned so much about the American animal law movement and have really enjoyed being a part of the animal law community here. It makes me excited to go back home and continue to help build the movement in Australia.  When I return to Australia, I plan to continue to provide assistance to a non-profit running consumer law cases against backyard breeders/puppy mills and being involved with my state bar committee on animal law.”

In light of the success of the first ISAR, Lewis & Clark scholarship, our program to offer an Animal Law LL.M scholarship to a non-U.S. attorney who demonstrates a sincere commitment to addressing companion animal overpopulation in their country is underway for 2019-2020 academic year.   It looks like we have an outstanding candidate.  (Donations can be earmarked specifically for this coming academic year’s scholarship, to be named after another pioneer of the animal rights movement.)