For those that we save, and for those we could not.

iAug 12th
International Homeless Animals' Day Vigil - For those that we save, and for those we could not.

Not everyone is in a position to save homeless animals, that’s the bitter truth. A lot of could have, would have and should have’s come to mind. That’s why for me even the smallest gesture of kindness towards these beings is already a lot. That’s something that keeps me doing any and all kindness I could muster up. We humans have the ability to make great changes but people today only take action when it has a benefit for themselves and no fragment of charity can be seen with most people. That’s why I see more worth in my fellow animal advocates, the rare type of person that would open their door to a cold and needing stray. I pray that more people have the same selfless heart God has gifted to me and many others here.


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