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NY Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski Passes Bill to Ban Inhumane Devocalization of Dogs and Cats
April 2, 2015

On March 25, 2015, Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski (D-New City) announced that his bill to restrict surgical devocalization procedures on dogs and cats passed the Assembly (A.1679). For full press release click HERE.

February 28, 2014

  HOW YOU CAN HELP ANIMALS! SUPPORT ANTI-DEVOCALIZATION LEGISLATION As ISAR’s supporters know, one of our major programs is STOP DEVOCALIZATION NOW. New York activists have once again tried to stop the barbaric, almost always unjustifiable medical procedure. They need all the help they can get, especially in the face of predictable opposition by the American Kennel Club. The relevant public… Read More

Where Have All the Volunteers Gone?
May 23, 2013

ISAR first announced its Stop Devocalization Now Project (for a description of the brutal practice of devocalization, see in our Blog of September 18, 2012. Since its inception, there have been 54, 078 page visits. Following that announcement, ISAR has taken the following actions in support of our Stop Devocalization Now Project: We created a website devoted exclusively to our Stop Devocalization… Read More

ISAR’s Stop Devocalization Now Video
January 11, 2013

Recently, ISAR has brought to the attention of our supporters and others, the widespread cruel practice in the United States of surgically cutting the vocal cords of canines (and, less often, felines) known formally as ventriculocordectomy. Synonyms often include “debarking,” “devocalization,” “silencing,” “bark softening,” and “cutting the vocal chords.” In 2012, ISAR launched it’s newly-created, one-stop, educational website aimed at… Read More

ISAR gets out the word about our Stop Devocalization Project
December 11, 2012

As our friends and supporters know, we have recently created a stand-alone project aimed at prohibiting the barbaric practice of devocalization. Because ISAR is truly an international organization, our newsletter, blog and eBulletin goes out to our friends and supporters not only in the United States, but worldwide. Last month we received a supportive email from a Swedish veterinarian who wrote that “As… Read More

Stop Devocalization Now
September 18, 2012

  STOP DEVOCALIZATION NOW  A Project of International Society for Animal Rights     Unknown to most custodians of dogs and cats and the public at large, there is a widespread practice in the United States of surgically cutting the vocal cords of canines (and, less often, felines). That’s correct: cutting their vocal cords. This mutilating procedure… Read More

Massachusetts Ban On “Devocalization” Becomes Law
May 10, 2010

Two months ago ISAR brought to the attention of our supporters the pendency of House Bill 344 prohibiting under most circumstances the “devocalization” of animals in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The thrust of our blog was not merely that the bill sought to address a serious moral issue of animal rights, but to deconstruct the specious and anti-animal position of… Read More

Silencing the already silenced: De-barking/de-meowing/de-purring dogs and cats.
March 8, 2010

Unknown to most caring custodians of dogs and cats, there is a widespread practice in the United States of surgically cutting the vocal cords of canines (and occasionally felines). Known by the euphemism “devocalization,” the procedure is almost always performed for the convenience of the animals’ “owners.” Among other reasons, large-scale breeders even in rural areas want to keep down… Read More