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Another Municipal Adoption of Mandatory Spay/Neuter
October 15, 2013

HOW YOU CAN HELP ANIMALS! Another Municipal Adoption of Mandatory Spay/Neuter On October 1, 2013, the Georgia city of Macon enacted a “mandatory” spay/neuter law. It requires that dogs and cats over the age of six months, within city limits be sterilized. In principle, the city’s motive (reducing overpopulation and killing) is commendable and ISAR supports it. The ordinance is… Read More

Focusing On Mandatory Spay/Neuter Programs
August 26, 2010

This Sunday, August 29, 2010, the DogsInDanger Radio Hour will focus on Mandatory Spay/Neuter Programs. ISAR’s Chairman, Professor Henry Mark Holzer will be a guest during their 1:00 – 2:00PM EST time slot. Tune in to AM970 The Apple NY or visit the DogsInDanger website to listen in! Simply click the “Listen Live” button on the home page and be sure your speakers are turned… Read More

“No Kill” Advances
July 26, 2010

On ISAR’s blog of April 4, 2008, Professor Henry Mark Holzer favorably reviewed Nathan J. Winograd’s then-new book “Redemption: The Myth of Overpopulation in America“. Having established himself as this country’s leading and most articulate voice for No-Kill, Nathan Winograd works tirelessly toward that goal. A milestone on the No-Kill road appears to be legislation just signed by the Governor… Read More

The Puppy Mill Sewer Is Beginning To Overflow
June 4, 2010

Lately, more attention than ever before has been given to the immorality and criminality of puppy mills and the dereliction of duty by those charged with their oversight. Petland has been sued because of its complicity in the puppy mill outrage, in an effort to put the dog factory breeders out of business by choking off the retail end of the trade. Also… Read More

Ends and Means
May 28, 2010

ISAR supporters know that the fundamental goal driving our organization is to reduce, if not eliminate, the overpopulation of companion animals through humane education, emphasizing spay/neuter as a major solution to the problem. To that end, in addition to our other programs, ISAR recently produced a study and model law–Model Statute Regulating Dog Breeding, Facilitation and Sales–dealing with the vice… Read More

Mandatory Spay/Neuter Beat Goes On
April 26, 2010

As ISAR’s supporters know, our organization has been in the forefront of a “take no prisoners” approach to mandatory spay/neuter–meaning that we have staked out a position that there are to be virtually no exceptions, including and especially for breeders. To that end, we have prepared a lengthy monograph on the subject, which includes our Model Mandatory Spay/Neuter Statute. ISAR’s… Read More

Las Vegas spay/neuter ordinance: Two steps forward, one step backward
April 5, 2010

A few months ago the Nevada city of Las Vegas enacted a “mandatory” spay/neuter law. It requires that dogs and cats over the age of four months, “harbored” in the city, be sterilized (as well as being microchipped before adoption or release from impound). In principle, the city’s motive (reducing overpopulation and killing) is commendable and ISAR supports it. The… Read More

Breeders May Court Disaster
March 1, 2010

Earlier last week the Associated Press reported that various dog breeders in Pennsylvania have sued the PSPCA and an organization named Main Line Animal Rescue, claiming that the defendants violated the former’s “civil rights.” ISAR has not seen the complaint. However, putting aside whatever it alleges, there is an important point that needs to be made. By suing, the breeders… Read More

ISAR’s Model Statute Regulating Dog Breeding, Facilitation and Sales
November 6, 2009

At this very moment, literally countless numbers of dogs, certainly hundreds of thousands, are held captive around the world in wretched conditions, while being used and abused as living breeding machines by conscienceless breeders, facilitators and commercial retail sales outlets whose only concern is for their own profit. Because much of that abuse occurs in the United States, and because… Read More

The Need For ISAR’s Mandatory Spay/Neuter Law
October 19, 2009

INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS SKYPE PRESENTATION   “The Need For ISAR’s Mandatory Spay/Neuter Law” Presented by Professor Henry Mark Holzer Chairman, International Society for Animal Rights   Last week ISAR conducted a follow-up Skype presentation to “Unpublished Insights Into United States v. Stevens” entitled “ISAR’s Analysis Of The Supreme Court Oral Argument In United States v. Stevens” with ISAR’s Chairman Professor… Read More

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