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Celebrities and Animal Abuse
March 7, 2008

With the ink barely dry on Michael Vick’s conviction for cruelty to the pit bulls he abused and killed, there comes a new story of how another celebrity with malice aforethought murdered a helpless animal. Golfer John Henry “Tripp” Isenhour, III, was engaged in videotaping a TV show called “Shoot Like a Pro” at his home course, Grand Cypress Golf… Read More

Animal Rights Books for Sale
February 20, 2008

ISAR has for sale a limited number of historically important books on the subject of animal rights. Individuals or organizations interested in purchasing books, either singly or in quantity, should Click Here and provide either an email address or telephone number so that an ISAR representative can take the order. Descriptions of each book, and the price per single copy… Read More

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