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Understand that Maryland’s recently enacted anti-devocalization law, though well intentioned, is inadequate.
April 30, 2014

HOW YOU CAN HELP ANIMALS!  Understand that Maryland’s recently enacted anti-devocalization law, though well intentioned, is inadequate.    As ISAR’s supporters know, one of our major programs is STOP DEVOCALIZATION NOW. Foremost among our tools to STOP DEVOCALIZATION NOW is “ISAR’s Model Statute Prohibiting Devocalization.” We’ve circulated it widely, and encouraged laypersons to urge their legislators to adopt the statute.               … Read More

Good Intentions Go Astray
November 6, 2013

Bill S.767 has been introduced in the Massachusetts Legislature. Entitled “An Act relative to a private cause of action to prevent the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals,” the bill seeks to confer “standing to sue” on citizens of the Commonwealth, allowing them to invoke the judicial system on behalf of animals–a worthy proposal, but put forth in a wholly… Read More

October 1, 2013

Among the many useful features of the Internet is the phenomenon called a “Weblog” — now universally referred to as a “Blog.” Originally used as a means for the expression of the writer’s personal views, Blogs have evolved into a powerful tool enabling ISAR and other organizations to inform their supporters and others throughout the world about their activities. And… Read More

Accused Animal Abusers to Pay Care Costs of Seized Animals
July 16, 2013

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has signed into law a bill that will require alleged animal abusers, under certain circumstances, to pay reasonable costs for the care of their seized animals. Reasonable costs of care are $15 per day per animal, in addition to necessary medical care, as determined by a licensed veterinarian. The law will help reduce the enormous burden… Read More

Not one of our projects, but………………
May 20, 2013

As ISAR’s supporters know, using law, legislation, and publications our organization’s mandate is humane education to foster the recognition and advancement of animal rights. Our most recent involvement with the ugly subject of dog fighting was ISAR’s attempt to prevent the dog fighting Michael Vick from being reinstated in the National Football League (See Michael Vick and the Presidential Seal of… Read More

Another “Half a Loaf”
December 13, 2012

Colorado Springs is the county seat of El Paso County, Colorado. The county is the most populous of the 64 counties in the state. Recently, by a 3-2 vote of the county commissioners, the following law was adopted: “It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, trade, barter, lease, rent, give away, or display for any purpose a pet… Read More

Michael Vick And The Presidential Seal Of Approval
January 3, 2011

As ISAR’s supporters know, our animal rights organization was in the vanguard of those who attempted to ban dog-torturer/killer Michael Vick from returning to professional football after he was released from prison. ISAR published blogs (see What Made Michael Vick, Heart Bleeding For Vick, But Not His Victims, ISAR vs. Michael Vick, Vick Scores Again, Vick Scores Yet Again, Profit… Read More

The “Half-a-Loaf” Problem Arises Again
July 19, 2010

More than once ISAR has confronted what we call the “Half-a-Loaf” problem, highlighting the dilemmas faced by serious people in the animal protection movement — especially those who recall Voltaire’s famous observation that “the perfect is the enemy of the good,” meaning that while one seeks utopia, “the perfect,” in human affairs, “the good,” doesn’t get done. This principle applies… Read More

Half A Loaf, Revisited
November 3, 2009

One year ago we published the blog that appears below. The animal rights/welfare movement here and abroad is awash in proposed legislation (see ISAR’s Model Mandatory Spay/Neuter statute), much of which will never be enacted or, if enacted, never enforced.So the question is whether it is cause for rejoicing when pro-animal legislation actually becomes law. We have seen three examples… Read More

Why Animal Suffering Matters, by Andrew Linzey. Reviewed by Professor Henry Mark Holzer
October 14, 2009

Andrew Linzey is a warhorse of the animal rights movement, and one of its leading intellectuals. He is Director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics and a member of the Faculty of Theology at Oxford University in England. Dr. Linzey’s newest book, of some twenty, is published by Oxford University Press and is important for at least four reasons…. Read More

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