Annual Report 2019

i December 16, 2019

Season’s Greetings!


  International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR) was chartered in the District of Columbia over a half-century ago, in 1959, making our organization one of the oldest animal protection organizations in the United States.   

 Soon entering its sixty-first year, ISAR has gained national and international recognition for our innovative educational and legislative programs that advance the cause of animal rights.

 Please consider the following examples of ISAR’s accomplishments so far in 2019:

Securing Rights for Animals Through the American Legal System

  In February, ISAR was pleased to report that Rhode Island may be the first state in the nation to enact legislation requiring the microchipping of all dogs and cats, adopting verbatim ISAR’s Mandatory Dog and Cat Microchip law. 

  The ISAR- developed Mandatory Dog and Cat Microchipping statute is an effective measure to deter dog and cat abandonment in an effort to substantially reduce overpopulation.

  Throughout the year, ISAR has offered assistance to elected officials from municipalities in the United States to guide them in the drafting of legislation for spay/neuter ordinances by providing our Model Mandatory Spay/Neuter Statute.

  ISAR’s model statute requires the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats and would dramatically reduce the number of unwanted animals and create long-term, life saving measures to prevent future births of unwanted puppies and kittens. 

ISAR’s Animal Rights Law Resources

  Since the founding of International Society for Animal Rights, we have been consistently

committed to using law and education to further the cause of animal rights.

  As ISAR’s supporters know, the field of animal law began largely through the efforts of our chairman, Professor Henry Mark Holzer. Since that beginning, the interest of lawyers, law schools, and the legal profession in animal law has burgeoned in both academia and in legal practice.   

  On behalf of ISAR, Professor Holzer has drafted state and federal animal protection legislation, filed amicus curiae (“friend-of-the-court’) legal briefs on behalf of animals, developed reports on animal legal issues and animal rights literature, and produced considerable writing on the subject of animal rights in general and the use of law to further them. 

  To foster the future of animal law, ISAR maintains a multilingual website with a special section devoted entirely to the extensive collection of Professor Holzer’s Animal Law material.  

    We’re delighted to report that in 2019 alone, more than 25,000 website visitors — including thousands of academic institutions, law firms, and government municipalities located in the United States and in 27 foreign countries — have viewed our web pages containing legal resources about animal law and animal rights.

  The significance of this cannot be overemphasized. With this important knowledge, and the scope of future potential readers, the legal and legislative system can be used to advance greater protections for animals around the world.

The International Society for Animal Rights/Helen Jones Memorial Scholarship

    In May, ISAR proudly announced that the International Society for Animal Rights/Helen Jones Memorial Scholarship recipient, Attorney Tess Vickery completed her LL.M studies at Lewis & Clark Law School.

  Upon returning home to Australia, Ms. Vickery thanked ISAR for making it financially possible for her to obtain her LL.M degree in Animal Law and noted that she was offered and had accepted a position as legal advisor to a member of the Australian Animal Justice Party. The Australian Animal Justice Party’s mission is to promote and protect the interests of animals by providing a dedicated voice for them in Australia’s political system.

  ISAR is proud to have played a role in this significant advancement for the animals of Australia.

The International Society for Animal Rights/Alice Herrington Memorial Scholarship

  Earlier this year, ISAR announced that in light of the success of the first ISAR, Lewis & Clark scholarship, we decided to offer an additional one for the 2019-2020 academic year.  This summer, the International Society for Animal Rights/Alice Herrington Memorial Scholarship—appropriately named for the late Alice Herrington, like the late Helen Jones another pioneer of the animal rights movement—was awarded to an outstanding candidate, Chilean Attorney Diego Plaza.

ISAR’s Spay/Neuter Billboards Reach Thousands

  For over 20 years ISAR has reached thousands — possibly millions — of people by broadcasting the spay/neuter message on our brightly-colored, eye-catching billboards.

  Throughout 2019, ISAR’s spay/neuter billboards have been posted in multiple U.S. states including Alabama, California, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

  Viewed daily by thousands of motorists, residents, visitors and owners of companion animals, our billboards prominently display ISAR’s phone number and thus raise awareness about the plight of pet overpopulation and promote spaying and neutering.

  The billboards have prompted numerous calls to ISAR requesting information on local low-cost spay/neuter programs.

International Homeless Animals’ Day 2019® (IHAD®)

  Over two decades ago, ISAR realized the need to bring widespread public attention to the overwhelming crisis of dog and cat overpopulation.  So, in 1992 we created and sponsored International Homeless Animals’ Day, the first and only worldwide event today that addresses the urgent need for affordable spay/neuter and adoption programs.

  In August of 2019, ISAR marked the 28th consecutive year of International Homeless Animals’ Day with over 100 events taking place throughout the United States and in more than 37 countries spanning six continents. IHAD-2019 brought together an increasing number of animal protection organizations, veterinarians, local celebrities, business owners, community associations, police officers, governors, mayors, and others on the third Saturday of August to raise awareness of the tragedy of pet overpopulation and the spay/neuter and adoption solution. Activities included pet adoptions; low-cost and free spay/neuter, microchip and vaccination clinics; as well as candlelight vigils; pet parades; dog walks; live music; blessing of the animals’ ceremonies; award ceremonies; speeches by public officials, celebrities, and local veterinarians.

  As a direct result of International Homeless Animals’ Day, hundreds of formerly homeless dogs and cats found permanent loving homes, and more than 1,000 free spay/neuter surgeries and upwards of 300 low-cost surgeries were performed, thus preventing the birth of countless unwanted companion animals.  

    For example, two large-scale spay/neuter clinics took place with the help of generous grants from ISAR. Red de Apoyo Canino organized a three-day spay and neuter campaign in Zulia State, Venezuela and sterilized more than 100 dogs and cats. Another grant from ISAR helped SpayPanama organize a two-day spay/neuter clinic and sterilize over 450 dogs in Arraijan, Panama, where many homeless animals live desperate lives.

  ISAR will next commemorate our 29th annual International Homeless Animals’ Day on Saturday, August 15, 2020. Please mark your calendars.

Animals Today Radio

  ISAR continues to increase public awareness of dog and cat overpopulation through support of Animals Today Radio.

  Since 2009, ISAR has been the principal sponsor of this radio program/podcast ( Hosted by Dr. Lori Kirshner, founder and President of Advancing the Interest of Animals, and co-host/producer Dr. Peter Spiegel, “Animals Today” has been, and continues to be, an influential international voice that addresses a variety of animal related issues. Animals Today airs in multiple markets with an audience of countless listeners.

Looking Ahead

  As the only international organization dedicated solely to battling the overpopulation of dogs and cats, ISAR will continue to lay the groundwork to advance the rights of companion animals through our legislative, educational and public awareness programs.

  You, our supporters, can take great pride in knowing that our work is making a difference in 

the lives of animals. We hope that you realize, as we do, that animal protection seeds are sprouting all over the world and that they need to be nurtured. See link to our website: With your assistance, ISAR will continue to work hard to do just that. 

  On behalf of all animals who have been helped by your support, I thank you and look forward to another productive year in 2020.


Susan Dapsis, President