Annual Report 2018

i December 15, 2018

Season’s Greetings!


For over a quarter-century ISAR has remained steadfast in our commitment to seek justice for companion animals by attacking the dog and cat overpopulation scourge, with major emphasis on our legislative and educational programs. 

Your continuous support allows ISAR to continue the vital work we do that benefits many animals in the United States and abroad.

Here’s a proud review of some of ISAR’s major activities in 2018, illustrating how we use your donations.

The International Society for Animal Rights/Helen Jones Memorial Scholarship

In March, ISAR proudly announced the International Society for Animal Rights/Helen Jones Memorial Scholarship in partnership with the Center for Animal Law Studies at Lewis & Clark Law School.  Named in honor of ISAR’s founder and animal rights pioneer Helen Jones, the full-tuition LL.M. scholarship offers a foreign attorney the opportunity to earn the world’s only advanced degree in animal law. The scholarship targeted students who agreed to return to their home country to engage in full-time animal law-related work for at least one year. 

In May, ISAR was pleased to announce that Australian attorney, Tess Vickery, was awarded the scholarship.  Ms. Vickery is a very accomplished woman, and ideal candidate for Lewis & Clark Law School’s LL.M. degree in Animal Law. Her CV can be viewed on ISAR’s website at

The Seeds of Animal Law Continue to Flourish

We previously reported that as the first animal rights lawyer, in the United States, some forty years ago ISAR’s long-time chairman, Professor Henry Mark Holzer, articulated his vision of using the law on behalf of animals at the 1981 “First National Conference on Animal Rights Law” organized and sponsored by ISAR and Professor Holzer. 

A major result of the conference was to coalesce the attending lawyers into a loose network of like-minded individuals, and to identify the tools necessary to create an entirely new, discrete field of law—one which would take its deserved place among other long-recognized practice areas such as corporate law, property law, criminal law and many others. 

Consequently, as a natural outgrowth of that conference, in 1991 ISAR sponsored, the first major symposium in the United States to address the problem of dog and cat overpopulation. “Killing the Crisis, Not the Animals: An International Symposium on Dog and Cat Overpopulation.” 

The event featured remarks by Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, Honorable Union Cabinet Minister of India.  She discussed the Chemical Sterilization Project in New Delhi, India, and later was quoted as saying “By attending ISAR’s International Symposium on Dog and Cat Overpopulation I learned a great deal and ISAR probably changed all of India as a result.”

We are pleased to report Smt. Maneka Gandhi recently reached out to ISAR to assist her with a current project in India.

Now, three decades later, Professor Holzer’s vision has been almost fully realized.

As the seeds that ISAR and Professor Holzer planted continue to grow, ISAR will let our supporters know what new flowers have sprouted by posting them on our website.

ISAR’s Spay/Neuter Billboards Fight Against Dog and Cat Overpopulation

One of ISAR’s major tools in our effort to educate the public about the moral and other reasons for spaying/neutering companion animals is our billboard campaign. 

To increase participation in spaying and neutering ISAR expanded our billboard campaign to reach out to pet owners in low income areas to help them find low-cost spay and neuter services in close proximity to where they reside.  

ISAR’s brightly colored eye-catching spay/neuter billboards were displayed in communities throughout Arkansas, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Rhode Island, Texas, Wisconsin and Wyoming.  

In response to our billboards, ISAR received a high volume of calls from pet custodians seeking local low-cost spay/neuter information. 

International Homeless Animals’ Day 2018®

ISAR’s International Homeless Animals’ Day® (IHAD®) 2018 was celebrated for the twenty-seventh consecutive year on August 18 with over 100 observances taking place throughout the United States, Canada, and in more than 25 countries spanning six continents including Australia, Costa Rica, France, Ghana, Honduras, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iraq, Latvia, Liberia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, United Kingdom, U.S. Virgin Islands, Venezuela and Vietnam.

Conceived and commemorated originally in 1992, ISAR’s IHAD is the first and only worldwide event focusing on the dog and cat overpopulation problem and urgent need for affordable spay/neuter and adoption programs.

On IHAD, ISAR along with animal protection organizations, veterinary professionals, animal advocates, and animal-friendly businesses join together to raise awareness of the tragedy of pet overpopulation.  IHAD activities often include low-cost spay/neuter, vaccination and microchip clinics, as well as candlelight vigils; shelter open houses; adoption events; educational information fairs and pet parades.

ISAR once again made available our International Homeless Animals’ Day grant to not-for-profit organizations participating in the Day with a free or low-cost spay and neuter event.

As a result of ISAR’s IHAD-2018 grants, Red de Apoyo Canino organized a 2-day spay and neuter campaign in Parroquia Coquivacoa, Zulia State, Venezuela, where 115 owned and homeless dogs and cats were sterilized and SpayPanama conducted a 3-day spay/neuter drive to assist with the sterilization of 875 dogs and cats in Panama City.

ISAR will next commemorate our 28th annual International Homeless Animals’ Day on August 17, 2019. 

The Cat Rescuers Film Documentary Update

Always searching for new ways to shed light on the overpopulation tragedy and the spay/neuter solution, we informed our supporters in the Autumn of 2017 of a sizable contribution ISAR made to help fund a forthcoming professionally produced film “The Cat Rescuers.”  This documentary spotlights the epidemic of countless abandoned and feral cats on New York City’s streets, and the heroic efforts of four activists who roam the streets of Brooklyn to fight overpopulation.  ISAR reported that we would continue our involvement as the film was finished and the distribution process moved forward.  We are now happy to announce the film will have its world premiere at the Hamptons International Film Festival and has already been selected to receive the Zelda Penzel “Giving Voice to the Voiceless” Award.

Animals Today Radio

ISAR raises awareness of dog and cat overpopulation through support of Animals Today Radio.

ISAR was instrumental in supporting Animals Today Radio in its infancy. Hosted by Dr. Lori Kirshner founder and President of Advancing the Interest of Animals (AIA) and co-host/producer Dr. Peter Spiegel, Animals Today airs in multiple markets with a potential audience of millions of listeners. Now in its tenth year, Animals Today Radio covers all things related to animals worldwide.  It has become the preeminent radio and Internet voice for serious discussions of the important issues affecting animals not only in the United States but throughout the world.


ISAR is the only international organization dedicated solely to advancing the rights of companion animals by fighting against companion animal overpopulation and for the solution of spay/neuter and adoption. As you can see from the brief summary above, ISAR’s wide range of programs are far-reaching and are designed to fight the good fight.  

With your generous support in 2019, ISAR will continue its efforts by fighting against pet overpopulation, puppy mills and their facilitators and for the spay/neuter and adoption solution.




Susan Dapsis, President