“Animals Today” Announcement

i July 3, 2009

Program of July 5, 2009

This Sunday’s 2:00-3:00 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time segment will feature author John Holland to discuss horse cruelty and neglect. Also in the first half, Dr. Lori will discuss pending legislation related to horse slaughter for human consumption with Laura Allen, Executive Director of Animal Law Coalition. In the broadcast’s second hour, Dr. Kirshner will be speaking with author and biologist Stacey O’Brien about her bestselling book, “Wesley the Owl.” Also in the second half, Dr. Peter Borchelt will be available to answer your pet behavior questions.

For more information on how you can participate in the ISAR-sponsored “Animals Today” radio show, please visit our blog ISAR and “Animals Today” Radio Show.

In case you have missed any of the “Animals Today” radio shows, previous broadcasts are now archived at the show’s website: http://www.animalstodayradio.com/. At the top of the page, the link “Click here to listen” will take you to a new screen showing the dates and guests of previous shows. Click on the links to listen to a particular show.