Animal Lawyers and Animal Law

i April 9, 2010

As ISAR’s supporters know, the field of animal law began largely through the efforts of our chairman, Professor Henry Mark Holzer. Since that beginning, the interest of lawyers, law schools and the legal profession in animal law has burgeoned. (See ISAR’s Blogs Important New Publication: Stanford Journal of Animal Law and Policy and Websites Providing Information About Animal Law.)

Among the many exciting developments is that the American Bar Association and state, city, and local bar associations have not only created animal law committees, but have started to perform two other valuable services. Many bar associations provide lawyer referral services, through which non-lawyers can find attorneys proficient in animal law. Perhaps more important, more and more bar associations publish useful information about animal law. For example, The New York State Bar Association has developed a pamphlet which summarizes New York animal law and covers both companion and farm animal.

Hence, one of the first stops for those wanting to find an animal law attorney, and learn something about animal law, is the nearest bar association.