Advocating for Animals: ISAR and Animals Today Radio

Advocating for Animals: ISAR and Animals Today Radio

i July 16, 2017

Animals – powerless and voiceless – have two committed and compassionate advocates in ISAR and Animals Today Radio. Since 2009, ISAR has been the principal sponsor of the “Animals Today” radio program/podcast, an influential national voice that addresses a variety of contemporary animal-related topics with warmth, knowledge and a fierce love of all animals.

Hosted by Dr. Lori Kirshner, founder and President of Advancing the Interest of Animals (AIA), “Animals Today,” a project of (AIA), features news about animals, interviews with experts and veterinarians and discussions on the important issues affecting animals in the United States and around the world.

Dr. Kirshner and Dr. Peter Spiegel, the other founding member of AIA, promote respect and compassion for wild and domesticated animals while educating listeners with an appealing mixture of wisdom and whimsy. A recent show featured Meera Gajjar, an attorney with the Wildlife Whistleblower Program of the National Whistleblower Center, who discussed how animal lovers and advocates can confidentially report if illegal wildlife trafficking, logging, fishing and other wildlife laws are being violated. She stressed that whistleblowers who disclose original information concerning wildlife crimes that result in a successful enforcement action may receive monetary rewards.

Summer’s here and Lori and Peter share tips on how to keep your pets cool (think ice cubes in water dishes that are placed out of the sun and portable water bowls when you leave home). Before walking your dog in hot weather, do you “test” asphalt by putting your hand on it? You should! The pre-Fourth of July show advised how pet owners can combat their dogs’ and cats’ firework-induced anxiety: a recent survey showed that 56% turn on the TV or radio, close the drapes or blinds and create a “safe space” with pets’ favorite toys.

Anyone with an interest in animals – wild or domestic – and their welfare should tune in to Animals Today Radio: Live shows air and stream on Saturday, at 1 p.m.; check your local market for the station. Podcasts of shows are posted on within 24 hours of airing and the page features archived shows.

So please, for some serious talk about animals and to hear what actions listeners can take to help animals locally, nationally, and around the world, listen to, learn from, and support Animals Today Radio!