A Parked Car Could Kill Your Dog

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Even though the temperature outside may be only moderately warm, studies conducted with parked cars have shown that temperatures inside the vehicles, even with the windows left open, rise faster than many people might expect.

Every year numerous dogs die agonizing deaths in parked cars. Don’t let this happen to your pet. During the summer months, be kind to your dog. Leave him at home.

ISAR is now offering a new billboard design: “A Parked Car Could Kill Your Dog!” There is space at the bottom for the sponsor’s name (up to 40 characters, including spaces.) Once you contact your local outdoor advertising company and find out what location is available in the area you choose:

  • We’ll order the billboard from our vendor, with the name you want to appear on the artwork.
  • We’ll have the billboard shipped to the outdoor advertising company in whatever area you’ve selected.

All you’ll have to do is make a tax-deductible contribution to ISAR of $125.00 for the billboard art. Price includes shipping and handling within the continental United States. Please note: your outdoor advertising company’s charge for installation labor and space rental is separate and may vary per company.

Contact ISAR today for a billboard order form!

Also available from ISAR, our supporters can receive randomly selected, 4”x 8”, brightly-colored “A Parked Car Could Kill Your Dog” information cards for their own use. These cards advise animal custodians about the dangers of leaving a pet in a car on even moderately warm days. (Limited quantities of ISAR’s Parked Car information cards are available from ISAR headquarters and can be obtained by contacting us by mail, phone, fax or email. Police officers, animal shelters, rescues, veterinary offices, pet grooming salons, etc…are encouraged to contact ISAR for information on obtaining larger quantities of ISAR’s “A Parked Car Could Kill Your Dog” cards for distribution.)