2018 IHAD® Highlights

i October 15, 2018

ISAR’s International Homeless Animals’ Day® (IHAD®) 2018 was celebrated for the twenty-seventh consecutive year on August 18 with over 100 observances taking place throughout the United States, Canada, and in more than 25 countries spanning six continents including AUSTRALIA, CANADA, COSTA RICA, FRANCE, GHANA, HONDURAS, HONG KONG, INDONESIA, IRAQ, LATVIA, LIBERIA, LITHUANIA, MALAYSIA, MEXICO, NICARAGUA, NIGERIA, PANAMA, PERU, ROMANIA, RUSSIA, SAINT THOMAS, SOUTH AFRICA, SPAIN, SRI LANKA, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, TRINIDAD and TOBAGO, UKRAINE, UNITED KINGDOM, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS, VENEZUELA and VIETNAM.

The following text and photos below are examples of what ISAR’s IHAD looked like around the world.

IHAD 2018 in Panama, South Africa and Venezuela

In commemoration of International Homeless Animals’ Day 2018, in just six of over 100 domestic and international venues over 1,000 spay/neuter surgeries were performed preventing the birth of uncountable companion animals.

Spay and neuter events took place in Panama, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela.

In addition to the sterilization surgeries on International Homeless Animals’ Day, many organizations provided vouchers to the public for subsidized and free spay and neuter surgeries.

In addition to the many spay/neuter clinics that occurred on IHAD, other participants celebrated with observances that enlightened the public to the problem of companion animal overpopulation and the need for spay/neuter and adoption programs. This message was communicated through a variety of activities including candlelight vigils, adoptions, and educational and awareness events.

IHAD 2018 in Fort Myers, Florida, Orlando, Florida and Marbella, SpainGulf Coast Humane Society hosted it’s seventh annual International Homeless Animals’ Day candlelight vigil and adoption event in Fort Myers, Florida. Participants were invited to decorate a luminary bag and light a candle in remembrance of the countless animals euthanized due to pet overpopulation.

For the tenth consecutive year, animal advocate Susan Buser hosted a candlelight vigil in Orlando, Florida, to remember the victims of pet overpopulation. Vibrant signs boasting the spay/neuter message were posted throughout the vigil location.

The Marbella, Spain animal charity, Triple A – Marbella y San Pedro joined ISAR to celebrate the Day with a candlelight vigil and educational awareness event. Hundreds of candles were lit on a drawing of a dog and cat in memory of numerous animals that have been killed in Marbella’s municipal shelters due to lack of good homes.

IHAD 2018 Switzerland, Latvia and Cranston, Rhode IslandFor the 13th consecutive year, SOS Chats of Noiraigue held an information stall in Place Pury, Neuchâtel, Switzerland to educate the public about the many abuses inflicted on animals.

Defenders of Animals’ participated in IHAD for the 22nd consecutive year with a Humane Heroes Award Ceremony in Cranston, Rhode Island. Public officials and journalist were among those receiving awards for the significant impact they have made on animals throughout Rhode Island.

In Latvia, the Cat Care Community organized an exhibit at the Museum of Nature to educate guests about the plight of homeless street cats in the Latvian capital of Riga. A veterinarian spoke to the assembly about the proper care of cats and humane educational material was distributed to participants.


ISAR sincerely thanks all humane-minded elected officials who have taken the opportunity to encourage their citizens to act responsibly when it comes to companion animals and have their pets spay/neutered. In 2018, ISAR gratefully acknowledges support from North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, Cumberland County, Tennessee Mayor Kenneth Carey, and U.S. Virgin Islands Governor Kenneth E. Mapp.

Special Thanks

ISAR is extremely grateful to all vigil coordinators who generously donate their time, efforts and resources each year to bring awareness of the horrific results of dog and cat overpopulation to the forefront by promoting its important and simple solution: spay/neuter. ISAR strives to eliminate the worldwide pet overpopulation epidemic but we cannot succeed without the great efforts of our vigil coordinators. Thank you!

ISAR is grateful to all media and individuals who helped ISAR promote its 27th annual International Homeless Animals’ Day observances and conveyed the importance of spay/neuter through radio and television, newspaper articles, blogs, social networking, websites, and in other ways.

Please join us in commemorating ISAR’s 28th annual International Homeless Animals’ Day!

ISAR’s 28th annual International Homeless Animals’ Day® (IHAD®) will be officially observed on Saturday, August 17, 2019.

Conceived and commemorated originally in 1992, ISAR’s IHAD is the first and only international event solely focusing on the dog and cat overpopulation problem and urgent need for affordable spay/neuter and adoption programs.

We encourage local animal rescue and protection organizations, individuals, spay/neuter advocates, businesses, veterinarians, political leaders, local celebrities, teacher, library and museum associations, school students, and scouting groups to organize an observance in honor of International Homeless Animals’ Day.

IHAD activities vary, including educational events, candlelight vigils, blessing of the animals ceremonies, spay/neuter clinics, adoptions, shelter open houses, microchip and vaccination clinics, award ceremonies, marches, speeches by public figures, celebrities, local veterinarians, humane workers, and many more.

ISAR extends an invitation to all our veteran event coordinators from throughout the United States and abroad, as well as to a host of new ones to join us on Saturday, August 17, 2019, in commemorating ISAR’s 28th annual International Homeless Animals’ Day.

ISAR offers a free IHAD planning packet to all who are interested in coordinating an IHAD event, whether it be a large gathering or a modest observance. Our packet includes suggestions for site selection, reaching target audiences, speakers, press releases, colorful posters, ISAR’s proclamations, and much more! Interested parties may request a free IHAD planning packet by contacting ISAR by mail, phone, fax or email.

Together we will continue to be a voice for the animals and demand an end to the suffering and exploitation inflicted on animals each day.