From the first days of radio in the early years of the Twentieth-Century, through the age of television, to today’s age of small electronic devices, advertising in general and the kind called “public service announcements” have carried messages from broadcasters to the public-at-large. Here are several, putting in a good word for ISAR.

The long-enduring television star Bob Barker is also deservedly well known for his unstinting efforts on behalf of animal protection, especially the important issue of overpopulation and spay/neuter. Bob became a vegetarian in 1979. That same year he began promoting spay/neuter on his long-running television show The Price Is Right. For all those many years Bob Barker ended each episode of The Price Is Right with the plea: “Help control the pet population; have your pet spayed or neutered.” ISAR is grateful to Mr. Barker for providing us with the following public service announcements promoting the importance of spaying and neutering.

Bob Barker 1
Bob Barker 2
Bob Barker 3

Brandon McKennah, a fine motion picture and television actor, has provided ISAR with a 30-second spay/neuter public service announcement.

Brandon Mckennah

Kiki Ebsen, the daughter of motion picture and television actor Buddy Ebsen, has recorded several public service announcements for ISAR, promoting the importance of spaying and neutering in an effort to ameliorate the pet overpopulation crisis.

Kiki Ebsen 1
Kiki Ebsen 2
Kiki Ebsen 3
Kiki Ebsen 4

To download the PSA’s: Right Click on the PSA, choose “Save Link As”  and enter a name for the file.