International Homeless Animals Day

International Homeless Animals’ Day® 2017: Help, Hope & Loving Hearts

i June 15, 2017

On Saturday, August 19, animal lovers around the world will mark International Homeless Animals’ Day® (IHAD®). The International Society for Animal Rights launched the event in 1992 to shed light on pet overpopulation and the spay/neuter solution. For 26 years, on the third Saturday of August, rescue organizations, animal protection organizations and concerned individuals have joined ISAR in a day of hearts and hands, help and hope.

Last year, thousands of people – often accompanied by their pets – held candlelight vigils and rallies, marched through the streets of their towns and held adoption and microchip and spay/neuter events in two dozen U.S. states, Canada, Mexico and countries in Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia. From Rhode Island, where a Defenders of Animals gathering paid tribute to humane heroes, including members of RI Canine Search and Rescue Team and Warwick Animal Hospital, to the Dominican Republic where Cat Lovers RD launched a humane education program with an emphasis on proper pet care that will be taught in schools, animal lovers joined hands and raised their voices on behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves.

Amigos Pro Animal AC

2016: In Mexico, Amigos Pro Animal AC held its annual International Homeless Animals’ Day walk and vigil to shed light on pet overpopulation.


The first and only worldwide event that addresses the need for accessible and affordable spay/neuter programs, IHAD has garnered more supporters each year. This year promises to be the biggest commemoration of all with events in numerous countries.

To see how the momentum is building, follow ISAR on Twitter, is_ar (@is_ar) or our Facebook: 2017 IHAD Event Page and see how almost every day brings a new commitment: In Penang, Malaysia, the SPCA will distribute subsidized neutering vouches to pet owners; in Fitchburg, West Virginia, Brown Paws Rescue will sponsor an adoption fair; a Pawlooza adoption event is taking place in London, Ontario, Canada; SOS Chats is spreading the word on spaying and neutering in Neuchatel, Switzerland; and Spay Panama is spaying/neutering 300 stray animals. And that’s just a sample of what IHAD 2017 will offer.

Please use your energy and empathy to mark International Homeless Animals’ Day with an event in your city for town. To learn more about the Day and how you can hold an event, please visit us at International Homeless Animals’ Day. You can also contact us by email at or call 570-586-2200.