IHAD International Events

Amigos Pro Animal AC in Mexico held their third annual International Homeless Animals' Day walk and vigil to shed light on pet overpopulation.

Confirmed IHAD international events will be added to this list as they are made available to us.
Please check back often to find an IHAD event in your area. 




Organization(s):  Cheltenham Cat Rescue
Date:  Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time:  11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Location: 983B North Rd, Murrumbeena VIC 3163
Contact:  Natasha Reus; Email:  natasha@cheltenhamcatrescue.org.au
Website: http://www.cheltenhamcatrescue.org.au/
Event: Adoption Day for the cats and kittens being foster cared via Cheltenham Cat Rescue!  Come and meet the wonderful cats and kittens available for adoption. Make a difference and give a rescue cat a second chance!


Organization(s): The Horse Sanctuary at Stonegate Farm
Date:  Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Location: The Horse Sanctuary, 1090 Warminster Side Road. RR 3 Coldwater Ontario
Contact:  Lillian Tepera; Email: stonegatefarm@gmail.com
Website: http://www.thehorsesanctuary.org/
Event: Summer Celebration of animals and those who love them! Bring your family and join The Horse Sanctuary on International Homeless Animals’ Day as they celebrate the lives of animals, and the people and organizations that work tirelessly on their behalf.  Meet the people re-homing cats and dogs in need, tour the sanctuary, and visit the rescued horses.  Various activities will take place throughout the day.


Organization(s):  Association Oïkos Kaï Bios
Date:  Friday, September 7, 2018
Time:  10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: 1, Pl de la Libération Passage Bleu côté Parking Libération, Annemasse (Haute Savoie)
Contact:  Marie Berger; Email: oikos.kai.bios@orange.fr
Website: http://www.oikoskaibios.com/
Event: Sensibilisation du public. Association Oïkos Kaï Bios proposerons des pétitions à signer et des flyers sur la stérilisation, l’abandon…..


Organization(s):  Ghana Humane Society
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time:  TBD
Location:  TBD
Contact:  Ady Namaran Coulibaly, Executive Director; Email: gh.humanesociety@gmail.com
Website: None Available
Event: Details to be announced


Organization(s): Jasper’s Utila Animal Shelter
Date:  Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time:  12:00 PM – Late Evening
Location: The Venue, Chepes Beach, Utila
Contact: Hannah Towers; Email: jaspersutilaanimalshelter1@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/JaspersUtilaAnimalShelter/
Event:  Awareness Day!  Bring your fur baby and join Jasper’s Utila Animal Shelter for an awareness day for homeless animals around the world! The Venue and Jasper’s Utila Animal Shelter are proud to host an IHAD event and provide information about the importance of spay/neuter surgeries for cats and dogs on the island.  Information will be available on their plans to finish building Jasper’s Utila Animal Shelter.  Other activities will include sign-ups for vet visits, food, beverages, and a bonfire.  Additional information will be available closer to the event date!


Organization(s):  BAWA ~ Bali Animal Welfare Association
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location:  Sanur Petshop. Jalan Danau Buyan Sanur, Denpasar Selatan, Sanur, Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80227
Contact:  Cynthia; Email: info@bawabali.com
Website: http://bawabali.com/
Event: Adoption Event!  Bring your friends and family to BAWA’s adoption day event on International Homeless Animals’ Day, Saturday, August 18th! Meet adorable adoptable rescued puppies waiting for their forever home. All puppies are vaccinated and healthy. Information on BAWA’s many programs will be available.


Organization(s):  Kurdistan organization of Animal Rights Protection (KOARP)
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time:  TBD
Location:  TBD
Contact:  Dr Sulaiman; Email: kurdistananimalrights@yahoo.com
Website: http://koarp.org/?page_id=2
Event: Details to be announced


Organization(s):  Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time:  TBD
Location: Voinjama City, Lofa County, West Africa
Contact:  Morris Darbo, Executive Director, lawslofa001@yahoo.com
Website: http://liberiaanimalwelfaresociety.org/home/
Event: Details to be announced


Organization(s): Linksmosios pėdutės
Date:  Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time: 12:00 PM
Location: Old Smiltynė Farry Port, Klaipeda, Lithuania
Contact: Simona Šakinytė; Email: info@linksmosiospedutes.lt
Website: http://www.linksmosiospedutes.lt/
Event: Hike for animal lovers and dog owners! Linksmosios pėdutės is hosting a dog hike for International Homeless Animals’ Day! Bring your dog and join them for a hike that will begin at Old Smiltynė farry port and end at a dog beach.  The afternoon will include fun activities for pets and a picnic for participants.


Organization(s):  SPCA Penang
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time:  9:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Location:  SPCA Penang, Jalan Jeti Jelutong 11600 Penang, Malaysia
Contact:  Email: info@spca-penang.net; Phone: (604)2816559
Website: http://spca-penang.net/
Event: Open Day!  SPCA Penang will celebrate International Homeless Animals’ Day with an Open Day.  A volunteer briefing and demo session will take place from 9 AM – 11 AM.   And from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM, speaker Nikki Jordan will conduct an interactive session with animal lovers and pet owners about Understanding What Your Pet Tells You.


Organization(s): Amigos Pro Animal
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time:  TBD
Location: TBD
Contact:  Ana Zavala, Founder; Email:  amigosproanimalac@gmail.com
Website: http://www.amigosproanimal.org/inicio/
Event:  Details to be announced


Organization(s): Fundación Amarte
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time:  TBD
Location: TBD
Contact: Dr. Enrique Rimbaud, President; Email: erimbaud@gmail.com>
Website: https://www.facebook.com/FundacionAmarte/
Event: Details to be announced


Organization(s):  Nigeria SPCA
Date:  Saturday, August 18, 2018
Location: Isheri Round About Bacchus Garden, Lagos, Nigeria
Contact:  Emmanuel Eyoh, Executive Director; Email: nigerianspca@yahoo.com
Event: Candlelight Procession and Educational Event! The Nigeria SPCA will mark International Homeless Animals’ Day with humane education activities and a candlelight vigil.


Organization(s):  Fundacion Spay Panama
Date: Saturday and Sunday, August 18 – 19, 2018
Time:  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: Place Bethania & Villa Grecia
Contact:  Patricia Chan; Email: pchan@spaypanama.org; Phone: +507 6671-0267
Website: www.spaypanama.org
Event: Massive spay event at low-cost with the Mayor’s Office of Panama!


Organization(s):  Huanchaco Al Rescate
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time:  03:30 PM
Location: Muelle de Huanchaco, Trujillo, la libertad
Contact:  Ursula Martinez; Email:  hcorescateanimal@hotmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Huanchacoalrescate/
Event: Pasacalle  Canino De concientizacion social sobre adopcion y no al abandono.Esteriliza ahora no abandones mañana.
English: Canine Parade of social awareness about adoption and not abandonment. Sterilize now!


Organization(s):  NUCA Animal Welfare
Date:  Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time:  16:00 – 18:30  Free socialisation with human and dogs after event.
Location: H 33, Strada Horea 33, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Contact: Alina Banu; Email:  asociatia_nuca@yahoo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asociatianuca/
Event: Awareness Event!  (Almost) All About My Dog! Discussion and FAQ about owning an animal from different perspectives, challenges and rewards.  Invited speakers include a lawyer (speaking about legal aspects of owning animals, rights and obligations of the owner), a veterinarian (speaking about microchipping, sterilisation, yearly vaccination, deworming and so on), a volunteer in an NGO for Animal Protection (challenging in the daily work, what rescue means and what the general problems in Romania are), a dog owner that is also parent of 3 human children, a dog-trainer and official from the city police.


Organization(s):  Change for the Better Foundation
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time:   9:00 AM – 4:00 PM UTC+02
Location: Change for the Better Foundation, Corner Botfontein & Bottelary Roads, Kraaifontein, Cape Town, Western Cape
Contact:  Michelle Nortman; Email:  info@changeforthebetter.co.za
Website: https://www.facebook.com/changeforthebetterfoundation/
Event:  Spay day for homeless animals!

Organization(s):  Pro-Life Pet Rescue, Rehabilitation and Adoption Agency
Date:  Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time:  14:00 – 16:00
Location: Riverside Mall Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Contact:  Leigh-Anne Auerswald; Email: leighanne.creations@gmail.com
Website: http://www.prolifepetrescue.co.za/  Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/adoptpet/
Event: Free Rabies Clinic!  Pro Life Pet Rescue will participate in International Homeless Animals’ Day with a free rabies vaccination clinic for local community pets in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa!


Organization(s):  Djurens Rätt
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time:  All Day
Location: Stockholm
Contact:  Benny Andersson; Email:  info@djurensratt.se
Website: https://www.djurensratt.se/
Event:  Djurens Rätt will stream their film online about TNR-M, “Kattfällan”. They will also do Social Media postings on International Homeless Animals’ Day promoting adoption from local shelters.  Please visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/djurensratt/


Organization(s): SOS Chats
Date:  August 18, 2018
Time:  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location:  Place Pury, Neuchatel, Switzerland
Contact:  Phone:  +41 32 863 22 05; Email: soschats.et@bluewin.ch
Website:  http://www.soschats.org/
Event:  13th Annual International Homeless Animals’ Day for all animals in the world who have suffered this year or have been killed. Information Stall, Petition Drive, and Awareness Day.


Organization(s):  Animals 360 Foundation
Date:  Saturday, August 18, 2018 and the entire month of August!
Location: 185 El Socorro Road, San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago
Contact:  Roger Marshall; Email:  animals360tt@gmail.com
Website: http://animals360tt.com/
Event: Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Event for the entire month of August!  Animals 360 Foundation has partnered with six veterinarians throughout the twin island nation to reach out to the rural communities to subsidize low cost (and free where necessary) spay and neuter of stray, rescued animals, as well as animals cared for by the less privileged.


Organization(s):  SOS Animaux Tunisie
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time:  TBD
Location: TBD
Contact:  Dr. Mansour Raoudha; Email: sosanimaux.tunisie@gmail.com
Website: http://sosanimauxtunisie.org/
Event:  Details to be announced


Organization(s):  SOS Animals Kiev
Date:  August 18, 2018
Time:  TBD
Location:  Square in the center of the city Kiev
Contact:  Tamara Tarnawska
Website:  https://www.facebook.com/FriendsofSosKievShelteranimals/
Event:  Details to be announced


Organization(s):  Amicii Dog Rescue
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time: Afternoon
Location:  Amicii Dog Rescue, Kempsey, Worcestershire, England
Contact:  Ann Pursey; Email:  amiciidogs@gmail.com
Website: https://www.amiciidogrescue.org.uk/
Event: Dog Walk!  Amicii Dog Rescue will observe International Homeless Animals’ Day with a dog walk for the Amicii dogs, many rescued from Romania.  The walk will begin at their old shelter and end at their new shelter which is being built.  They will post live videos throughout the day to help raise funds to open the new shelter.


Organization(s):  Red de Apoyo Canino
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time:  9:30 AM
Location: Maracaibo, Zulia State
Contact:  Email: international@reddeapoyocanino.org
Website: http://reddeapoyocanino.org/
Event: Spay and Neuter Event!  Red de Apoyo Canino will spay and neuter approximately 100 owned and unowned dogs and cats in Parroquia Coquivacoa, Maracaibo, Zulia State, an area with high levels of abandonment and overpopulation.


Organization(s):  ARC Vietnam (Animal Rescue and Care)
Date:  Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time:  10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Location: Saigon Pet Clinic, Street 41, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Contact:  Ronnie Hill / Wendy Swinehart : arcpets@gmail.com
Website: http://arcpets.com/     Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/arcpetsvietnam/
Event: Open House at ARC Vietnam’s ‘Cat House’ and ‘Dog Aisle’ at ARC’s partner Saigon Pet Clinic. ARC Vietnam invites you to their Pet Adoption and Awareness Day at Saigon Pet Clinic in Ho Chi Minh City on International Homeless Animals’ Day. Meet furry friends who are looking for their forever homes and learn how you can help ARC to rescue animals in Saigon.