The Effect of ISAR’s Spanish Language Spay and Neuter Billboards on the Public

i Mar 16th


The Effect of ISAR’s Spanish Language Spay Neuter Billboards on the Public

To increase participation in spaying and neutering, ISAR enhanced our other efforts to reduce dog and cat overpopulation by introducing in our Fall 2016 Newsletter our new “Spanish Language Outreach Program.”

We announced that we would try to reach the countless Spanish-speaking individuals and families throughout the United States who are custodians of intact dogs and cats.

The first component in our new campaign was to enlarge our existing outdoor advertising program and budget by creating and then installing in selected venues throughout the United States custom-designed, eye-catching Spanish language billboards carrying ISAR’s companion animal overpopulation and spay/neuter solution messages, as well as prominently displaying ISAR’s phone number.

I’m pleased to report that in just the last few months, close to 20 of ISAR’s Spanish language billboards, have been posted in states from California to Pennsylvania, including Florida, Connecticut, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico and Illinois. With more postings occurring every month in population areas where there are considerable numbers of Spanish-speaking men and women living and working.

Because of our billboards, ISAR has already received requests from pet custodians in Los Angeles for low-cost spay and neuter information.